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    An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship has arrived at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan on March 29, 2021. Regularly stationed at Hurlburt Field, Florida, this is the first time the updated J model of the AC-130 has landed or operated in Japan.
  • U.S., Japan Sharpen Skills During Keen Sword 21

    Exercise Keen Sword 21, began Oct. 25 and has been going at full steam across the Indo-Pacific region over the past two weeks. Approximately 9,000 U.S. service members from the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force conducted training with their Japan Self-Defense Force counterparts from military installations throughout mainland Japan, Okinawa prefecture, and their surrounding territorial waters.
  • Keen Sword 21 Enhances U.S.-Japan Alliance

    Units attached to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) and the Japan Self-Defense Force completed exercise Keen Sword 21 (KS21), Nov. 5, on military installations throughout mainland Japan, Okinawa prefecture, and their surrounding waters.
  • Department of the Air Force pushes fitness testing to Jan. 1

    To continue minimizing close contact among personnel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ensure units and personnel are fully ready to resume, testing has been delayed from October to January, and testing in January will move forward without obtaining waist, height and weight measurements.
  • Exercise WestPac Rumrunner – the second iteration

    The 18th Wing hosted the second iteration of Exercise WestPac Rumrunner – an exercise designed to train and improve capabilities and joint interoperability using agile combat employment (ACE) concepts – July 31, 2020, at Kadena Air Base. The exercise allows for the United States Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force to meet up, train, and fight as a cohesive unit all in one day’s time. WestPac Rumrunner enables units and assets currently stationed or TDY in the Western Pacific area of responsibility to train together without the typical demands of a TDY.
  • Jump training conducted at Kadena's Ridout DZ

    U.S. Air Force servicemembers conducted paradrop training at the Ridout drop zone July 9, 2020, on Kadena Air Base, Japan. All training on Kadena AB is conducted in accordance with bilateral agreements between the United States and the Government of Japan. Ie Jima is the primary location for overland U.S. military paradrop training in Okinawa. The bilateral agreements allow for the use of Kadena AB as an alternate location when Ie Jima is not available to meet the immediate training needs of U.S. forces.
  • Thai Cave Rescue: Two Years Later

    The two year anniversary of the Thai-led, multi-national operation to rescue the Wild Boar youth football team from Tham Luang cave park was remembered recently. The rescue happened July 8-10 2018 and involved a highly organized and synchronized effort involving critical coordination with multiple governments, international companies and foreign non-government agencies.
  • Misawa, Kadena Airmen train at Draughon Range

    Airmen assigned to the 13th Fighter Squadron and the 320th Special Tactics Squadron, Kadena Air Base, Japan, conducted close air support training at Draughon Range, near Misawa Air Base, Japan, June 15-17.